Good Morning Port Loring

Another really nice day waking up. Sun is shinning with a light breeze. Other than the Black Flies and Mosquitoes it is a fine day. Yesterday my wife and I took a drive to town. Roads were good other than a few pot holes one has to keep an eye open for. In town, it was quite busy as it always is and stores seem to be making ends meat, so to speak. We got our groceries and other things that we will need around the house here and then had lunch and headed on home. Great day but a busy day with so much running around to do. We also got our mowing all done up so the place is looking nice. Vegetable garden is coming along, and we can now start to eat the lettuce as it is ready to go. Will give that a try tonight with our supper. Great to have fresh veggies every day right from the garden. The nice thing is you know what is on it and in it. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and then will get my hoe out and work in some weeds around my plants. Then will put down some grass cuttings around each of my tomatoes plants as they sure like that. Great to be outside enjoying the fresh air. Hoping the bugs aren’t too bad. GW

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