Good Morning Port Loring

Well here we go again, another nice day. Sun is shinning, light breeze with warm temperatures. Going to be a nice day all way round. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 15.3 C | 59.54 F. The way I see it we should be in for nice weather all week. We might see a shower on Tuesday. I am pretty sure we won’t have the hot weather we had last year, which is a good thing. The Black flies are slowly leaving us. Yesterday I was able to hoe my garden without too much bother. Nice to be able to get out there and enjoy the day. Today I am going to take it a wee bit easy. I might if the urge hits me put some grass cuttings that has been resting around my tomato plants. They sure like that. It gets them growing faster and also creates a nice taste in the tomatoes once ripe. Can’t be beat. Sure looks pretty out there with all the flowers coming on. This is what the north is all about. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and a couple pancakes. Heck of a life huh? GW

If you want a great garden you better buy a hoe.

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