George Walters Blog Update.

Well a boiling day here today. Temperatures are sitting at 31.9 C | 89.42 F. Nothing but sunshine. In spite of the hot temperatures I did manage to get my lawn mowed. I started early so by the time it got too warm I was in the shower. The rest of the afternoon I just took it easy. Inside the house with the blinds down it is nice. Tomorrow supposed to be even hotter, so I am thinking I am not going to be doing too much other than maybe write up a story or two for the Newspaper. I had to water the vegetable garden today as some plants were asking for a drink. I just can’t walk by them seeing the leaves drooping. Kind of make me feel sorry for them, even though I am going to eat them. LOL. With that I am off for a cool one and will finish up the day … doing nothing. Stay cool!

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