Morning Report

Looks like another really nice day shaping up for us here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is slowly making it’s way up in the East. To me there is nothing nicer than to watch the sun rise each morning. I like it better than the setting sun. Temperatures through the night were sitting around 11.5 C | 52.7 F. Great sleeping weather. Today it will get warm, warmer than yesterday. Then cool off with maybe some rain tomorrow. Today I will carry on with my Flute making and finishing up a few sign orders my wife took in yesterday. Actually we had a busy day yesterday. Seemed it was motorcycle day as we had quite a few bikers drop by for a visit and pick up a few things in our store. I guess that is what motivated me into posting some pictures of motorcycles yesterday. At any rate it was a great day. I also managed to stain the back deck, so one more thing off the list of things to do. With that I am off for my morning walk with my lovely wife, then will have a cup of coffee and see what mischief I can get into.

Fishing Times


Major Times
5:00 PM-8:00 PM

Minor Times
11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Today everything points to not being the greatest day for fishing. But I have a sneaking suspicion it might be pretty good. With the winds coming in from the South East, more so from the south could make things interesting. With a chance of rain tomorrow that will help a bit more. So all in all I think there is a pretty good chance of getting some fish in the boat today. I give it a 3 Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

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