Morning Report Dec 11/19

Well, it sure is one nasty morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Through the night we had around 8 inches (ca. 20 cm) of snow and it is still coming down. Kind of makes a feller want to go back to bed. But … I have to say it sure looks pretty out here. Then again … they also say beauty is in the eye of the beholder LOL. Highway 522 as most would suspect, is snow covered. The plows haven’t been through yet this morning. I guess when it eases off I will have to wake up my snowblower, so I can clean the driveway. The good thing is the snow is very light which will make cleaning up things not so bad. On another note, I have some problems taking place with my oil furnace with it not wanting to run right, so I called my fiend Jamie to have a look see. He is the fellow that looks after us folks around town when it comes to furnaces. Great fellow and does a good job. It’s not so bad though, as even though the oil furnace isn’t putting out any heat the wood furnace is. That’s the nice thing about wood heat, no matter how cold it gets you still have heat. In this country it is always best to have a back up. Actually it is always good to have a back up with everything in life. Eases the mind so to speak. So with that I am off for my morning cup of freshly brewed coffee with my lovely wife, and will see what mischief I can get into. Well … that is what my wife always says.

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