Morning Report Dec 17/19

It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We are having a few flurries off and on, and we will get more later on today and into tonight. We could see around another 3 inches (7.62 cm) by tomorrow morning. After that we should be back to sunshine. On the not so good side of things temperatures are going to drop a lot for the next few nights, so an extra blanket on the bed might be a good thing. We didn’t see any more snow overnight. Highway 522 at the moment is pretty well bare, but it does have a few icy sections here and there, so care should be taken as always, this time of year. For us we don’t have anywhere to go, so we will stay put. The wood heat is feeling good these days and will even be nicer tonight with these cold temperatures entering into the pictures. On another note the birds at my feeder are busy chowing down this morning, which is a sign the cold is heading our way. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee. GW

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