Morning Report Jan 7/2020

Good morning from Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Another cloudy day here starting things off. We could see a wee bit of sunshine a bit later if we are lucky. On the good side of things we didn’t have anymore snow overnight. Well at least from my view on things as I am sure the snowmobiles would liked to have more. But … then as I always say, Nature looks after everyone in its own way. Total snow as of now on the ground would be about 4 inches. Highway 522 is bare with a few icy sections throughout. Care should be taken if out and about, as always this time of year. Yesterday my wife and I did get some exercise and cleaned out our driveway. I have to admit I enjoy being out there when it isn’t too cold. Temperatures have dropped a wee bit this morning, sitting at -9.7 C | 14.54 F. It will drop a lot more tonight, so you might want to put an extra blanket on the bed. Myself I like it cool for sleeping. The wood furnace these days is earning its keep. One thing about wood heat if your set up with the right equipment you will never be cold. We have a New-Mac wood furnace which works along side our oil furnace. Great set up and works slick. Jamie Mathews our furnace fellow here in town set things up for us a couple years go. Great fellow and knows what he is doing. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife. Great way to start a fellers day.

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