Morning Report Feb 11/2020

Good morning from Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Well to start things off we are in the midst of more clouds. The good thing is we didn’t have anymore snow overnight. Which is okay with me. Yesterday as it was, took most the morning to clean the driveway and things. But I shouldn’t complain as the snowblower does most the work, and we did get some much needed exercise. Also the sun came out while being out there and it was actually quite nice. Temperatures through the night weren’t to bad and getting out of bed they were sitting at -3.6 C | 25.52 F. If things goes to plan we should see some more sunshine throughout the day. We could see a touch of snow too but nothing to write home about. Temperatures will rise a few degrees more as the day progresses. Highway 522 is pretty well bare throughout, but it does have the odd icy section. Travelling should be good today if your in need of some supplies in North Bay or ? Other than that not much more to say here this morning. Today I will be working on some stories for my columns and my Podcasts which will keep me busy and active. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife. Have a great day. GW

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