Morning Report Feb 20/2020

Good morning. Well … once again we are having some sunshine, here in Port Loring Ontario. It has cooled down some over night and this morning it is sitting at -21.1 C | -5.98 F. But the cold will be ushered out, with tomorrow being quite warm with lots of sunshine. Highway 522 is partially covered with snow and some ice throughout this morning. Travelling will okay later on this morning. We didn’t have anymore snow overnight. Yesterday my wife and I did get most of our driveway cleaned out, but a friend was in the area and dropped by to see us. He had a plow on the front of his truck so he cleaned the most of it with ease. Worked out well. Today I am going to work away on some stories for my Columns and then will work on some more Podcasts I have in the works. Keeps me busy and in time I would like to have all my stories put into Podcasts. It will take a lot of doing, as I have over 2000 in total. But a little at a time gets things done, or so they say LOL. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife. Have a great day. GW

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