Morning Report March 6/2020

Good morning. Well we are still having a wee bit of winter by the looks of things. We did have some flurries overnight which amounted to around 2 inches or so. We are also in the midst of clouds this morning. We could see another inch of snow throughout the day, but I suspect that, some sunshine should break through as the day progresses. Which is fine by me, as I am ready for spring. After today things will warm up considerable. Above the freezing mark which will melt most of the snow we have laying around. Highway 522 is mostly bare and wet this morning. Travelling should be good later on today. Yesterday my wife and I went to town to pick up more supplies, as it is always nice to have a bit extra in case of need, living so far off the beaten path so to speak. The store were quite busy, but not so bad as you had to wait in line long. We also had a visit with our son while having lunch, and headed on home. Great day all way round. Nice to get out now and then as it breaks up the normal routine, which can get to being boring after awhile. Today I will do some work around the house here helping my lovely wife, and then will go from there. Just never know … as things change as time moves by. Have a great day. GW

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