Morning Report March 17/2020

Good morning. Well looking out the window here in Port Loring, Ontario this morning it looks as if we are back into winter. Everything is white. Trees are covered and more coming down. Kind of a good day to stay inside. Highway 522 is partially covered with an icy mix. The plow just went by which will make things a bit easier for travelling if it is absolutely necessary. But as I keep on saying distancing yourself from folks right now is very important. It’s the only way we can slow this virus down a bit. If we slow it down our health personal will then be able to keep up and help those that need help. Temperatures did cool down through the night and getting out of bed they were sitting at 0.1 C | 32.18 F. It will warm up a wee bit as the day progresses. With that I am off to light my wood furnace, trying to save a bit of oil in case of an emergency. I have wood but not to much oil left. Oh one last thing. I would like to thank all those that have written, emailed and called me saying they liked my last Podcast regarding the virus. Look after yourselves my friends and take the precautions necessary, and smile. It goes a long way. GW

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