Morning Post March 23/2020

So how you all making out here in Port Loring, Ontario, this morning? Or anywhere for that matter? Cool cloudy morning waking up but we could see some sunshine later on today. Temperatures were sitting at -2.2 C | 28.04 F. It will warm up a wee bit as the day progresses. We didn’t have any snow overnight which is a good thing, as I am ready for some green to start showing up along with warmer weather. Not much happening around our house. My wife an I are taking it easy trying to stay put for awhile. Once it warms up some it will be nice to get outside and work in my shop and gardens. Help take our minds off what is going on. I think what folks has to do now, is look after yourself of course and take the precautions necessary. But right now I feel it would be best to start to do other things than watch the news all day. It’s just to depressing. I say once a day to keep informed, and then get onto other things. That’s my opinion only of course, and it’s what my wife an I are going to be doing in the coming days. So … for today I will work on another new Podcast and do some things around the house. Take care my friends, GW

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