Morning Report March 30/2020

Good Morning. Hope you are handling things okay these days. Ruth and I are doing okay. Lots to keep us busy around the house here. Which is a good thing. As soon as it warms up more we both will be outside more often. Can’t wait. Temperatures today were sitting at 3.7 C | 38.66 F. It will warm a bit more as the day progresses. Tomorrow will remain mostly cloudy but on Wednesday things will change for the best with warm temperatures along with sunshine. Highway 522 is bare an dry this morning so for that must travelling will be good. But if you don’t have to go anywhere staying home is the best option. Protects you and others. I am also happy to hear the Powers That Be, are telling the cottagers and those that have cottages to stay home for awhile this summer until we see what this virus is going to do. Will they do it? Good Question. Time will tell. Today I have a few things to do around my shop here, so will get into that in a bit. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let the day unfold around us. Take care … stay safe!

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