Morning report Apr 17/2020

So how you all doing this morning. Looking out things seem to be shaping up for a really nice day weather wise. The sun is slowly edging its way up in the sky for all to see. Which at this time looks pretty darn nice. I have to say I like the sunrises as much as I do the sunsets. I think that the reason why most folks only talk about sunsets, is that they don’t get out of bed early enough to see the sunrises. Ha ha. On another note we didn’t have any more snow overnight. Highway 522 is bare and dry which will make travelling good. But … since we shouldn’t be travelling, what does it matter. It is cold though with temperatures sitting at -5.5 C | 22.1 F. It will start to warm up shortly as the day moves forward. Temperatures will remain cool for the next week, but not as cold as it has been. Crazy weather … it’s mixed up about as much as our Powers That Be are. It doesn’t know what to do.

But I will say this. This virus sure has done a lot of damage, and when all said and done I hope the true cause is found and the ones responsible are held accountable. I have my suspicions, but will keep them to myself. Right now it doesn’t matter who or what caused the problem, it is fixing the problem, then we can deal with the issue at hand later on. I think what we need to be doing now, is working hard to increase robotic items that can do the work of humans. The writing is on the wall. Just think about this. Right now we have the food being grown by farmers of all kinds. Well not all kinds, as here in Canada we slowly edged them out and we started relying on other countries. The thing is, that these farmers need factories that can package, distribute and process these fruits, meats and vegetables. What happens now, we don’t have many left here in Canada. The next thing is, these factories need thousands of humans to do these things. Now what happens, a virus like this comes along, and all the people get sick in these factories, and, well … nothing can be produced. Then what happens, we humans become even more sick and slowly die, as we don’t have food to eat. Doesn’t take no rocket scientist to see this and we should have been more on the ball. So what should be done. Well as I said … we need to focus on modifying factories so they can be run with out a lot of humans. We need to do it fast. The next thing is we need to do this here in Canada. It amazes me that we don’t or can’t see this. Like the Powers to be building and opening a factory in China. That’s just one of many. Why not build the factories here in Canada so we can make our own medical supplies and things. Doesn’t make sense to me, not one bit. We need to do a complete turn around here in Canada and I mean now. Hey! We have some great minds and on top of that them minds haven’t got much to do right now. Maybe it is time them minds should be looking at ways to fix these problems that are occurring here in Canada. Right now. More so, what will be happening down the road a ways. To me what you are seeing right now, today, is just the tip of the ice-burg. And I hate to say this … but it is going to get a lot worse. That is … if we don’t start to do things right and take things serious. Sugar coating things like some of our Powers That be have been doing for years now, isn’t the answer. We need to stop this nonsense. At any rate that’s my opinion … what you think is your opinion. Take care of yourselves. GW

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