Morning Report May 3/2020

Good Morning. Well the good news is that we are having some sunshine here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Temperatures though at the time of this post were sitting at 8.4 C | 47.12 F. Not the warmest temperatures, but by far not the coldest neither. I am thinking it will remain cool for the next two weeks, before it starts to warm up to where it will be really nice to sit outside, or go fishing. The reason for this years coolness is that the world is coming back to normal, with everyone staying home and not polluting the air, along with the stopping of planes by the thousands moving things around in our atmosphere. And the good news is as I predicted two months ago, that the ozone hole above us has now closed completely, which in turn protects us humans from the not so good radiation from the sun. Which in turn allows us to be out in the sunshine more taking in the much needed vitamin D 3, which will help us immensely with this virus going around. The virus is strong, but our bodies are stronger when given what it needs to stay healthy. Put some help with a new vaccine in place, and we should make out okay. We need both. But it will take awhile. Myself, if it wasn’t for this virus I would like for things to stay as it is for awhile, so that the earth can heal from the abuse us humans has shown it over the past fifty or so years. I also hope that we have learned a lesson, not just about the virus … but about treating our earth as it should be treated. Have people learned a lesson? As much as I would like to say … yep they have, I have serious doubts. But one can only hope. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning and I think the rain has left us for a few weeks, at least in any great amounts. Now we will see how these black flies pan out, as I am thinking they are lurking in the wings. It should be interesting to see how bad they are this year. Who knows … maybe there will be help there too as there are a lot more birds arriving daily, around my home here, and they eat a great amount of them blood sucking parasites. HA HA. So with that you all take care, have a great day, make it a great day, and distance yourself from people you don’t know and even the ones you do know. It’s the only defence we have, other than sanitary measures which you all should know by now. GW

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