Virus Information

How can you avoid spreading germs while food shopping?
We understand—it’s a bit unrealistic that you’re sanitizing your hands after touching every single item while you’re shopping. But you can easily practice the “shop with your eyes” logic when you’re picking out fruits and vegetables. Instead of touching the food, simply take a good look at them (from a safe distance, while you’re wearing a mask) and choose your foods that way. The same thing goes for every item you’re shopping for, really. You don’t have to touch three boxes of cereal to see which one you actually want to buy.

In other words use common sense.

Morning Report May 17/2020

Good Morning! It is a nice morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is trying to show itself and temperatures aren’t all that bad sitting at 11.1 C | 51.98 F. It will warm up even more as the day moves forward. Today and tomorrow we will have a lot of cloud cover, but it should still feel pretty nice out there. Highway 522 is quiet this morning but then again it is Sunday. To me every day is the same. I actually have to check to see what day it is from time to time. On another note, yesterday I did manage to rototiller up my vegetable gardens. Half of my large one was great the other half was still too wet to break things up. So maybe today I will run it through again. Once that is done I can get to planting things that my wife and I have started here in the house. I also have been taking the new plants out of the house and kind of climatizing them every day now. Which will make it so they don’t have too much of a shock when transplanting them. I should also mention so far the black flies are holding off, but I suspect it won’t be long before they are annoying some folks. So with that I am off for my morning cup of tea and will let the day do as it wants. If it warms up a touch, we might even get some front porch sitting in. Stay Safe.