Morning Report May 22/2020

Good Morning! Well it’s another great looking day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning and it should stay with us for most of the day. Temperatures were sitting at 8.3 C | 46.94 F. It will warm up quite a bit as the day moves forward. Actually it will feel more like summer weather than spring. Highway 522 is quiet so far this morning but it is early. Things I suspect will pick up as the day progresses. On another note my lovely wife and I did get to North Bay yesterday and picked up our groceries that we ordered. We don’t linger as we used to anymore or stop for something to eat. Actually … we bring our lunch and thermos of coffee with us. Then we pick a nice spot away from folks and enjoy our lunch. We can then watch what is going around without getting near anyone. It’s all on how you make it work. Today I will work on my front deck finishing what I started a couple days ago. Then maybe I will get into some painting. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and then will get to work. Take care and stay safe. GW

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