Morning Report May 30/2020

Good Morning! Things have sure cooled down this morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. At the time of this post temperatures were sitting at 12 C | 53.6 F. It won’t warm up much more than it is today. Temperatures will remain cool for most of next week actually. Tonight and tomorrow night things will get quite cool so the vegetable gardens will have to be kept an eye on for frost. It is going to be cloudy so if that trend holds things should be okay for tonight. But just to make sure I might pile up some grass cuttings that I have been saving around each plant to protect them. Better be safe than sorry. After Sunday night time temperatures will warm up some at night. Highway 522 is sort of busy this morning and it is early so I am thinking it will be a busy weekend with folks out an about. Black Flies are still with us in numbers along with the mosquitoes which are starting to be real bad. So we will have to deal with them for awhile, or till the warm temperatures return with some sunshine. Today I will work on another Podcast as it isn’t a nice day to be outside. Which should keep me busy for most of the day. With that stay safe. GW

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