Morning Report July 6/2020

Good Morning! The good news is we did have a wee bit of rain yesterday which helped the plants a lot. Not enough but some is better than nothing. This morning waking up temperatures were sitting at 17.8 C | 64.04 F. Today will once again be a hot one with temperatures rising to the uncomfortable zone. It will get even hotter nearing the weekend. Crazy weather for sure. I suspect we will see a lot of changes in the near future with the way the poles are shifting and things like that. I got a notion that this virus isn’t the only thing that we humans have to deal with. But I suspect we will get through it somehow. Maybe. Highway 522 is quiet this morning but it will pick up. It was really busy yesterday as there was an accident on Highway 69 and traffic was detoured through out town for a few hours. On another note the black flies and mosquitoes have eased off with this heat, which is nice. But now it is to hot to do any physical work outside for any length of time. The vegetable gardens are growing leaps and bounds and I noticed that our tomato plants are now out in blossom, which means we will be having fresh tomato sandwiches in a month or so. I have to admit I sure enjoy home grown tomatoes. Our lettuce is slowly dying off so in a couple weeks when it cools down some, I will plant some more. But we can’t complain as we have had some good eating so far. We still do have lots of romaine lettuce it seems to be able to tolerate the heat more than the leaf lettuce. So with that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and then maybe enjoy some front porch sitting before it gets to warm. Then I will work on another Podcast for Friday. Take care, stay safe and do what’s right. GW

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