Morning Report July 24/2020

Good Morning!. Things looks like it is shaping up for a really nice day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is showing off with only a few clouds in the sky. Temperatures are about perfect sitting at 14.8 C | 58.64 F. It will warm up as the day progresses. Highway 522 is busy these days with lots of campers and things moving through our area. The LCBO is lined up with Trucks, Campers, Cars and even Riding Lawn Mowers these days. Only in Port Loring. Where there is a will there is a way. LOL Today my lovely wife and I will do a bit of mowing around the house here, and then take things a bit easy this afternoon. Yesterday we went to town to pick up our groceries which we enjoy. Gets us out of the house for a day. We did notice that a lot of folks this time going in and out of stores were wearing masks. Which is a good thing. They weren’t doing as much social distancing as they used to be doing though, which isn’t a bad thing. So hoping they come to their senses in the near future. We then picked up our groceries, visited our son in the parking lot for a bit, picked up our computer that our son fixed, ate our lunch in our car while chatting on the phone to our other son, and came on home. Great day. With that, I am off to the front porch for my morning cup of coffee and take in what Nature has to offer. Great time to be outside, weather is good and no bugs. What can be better than that! Take care, stay safe and “DO WHAT”S RIGHT!!

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