Morning Report Sep 10/2020

Good Morning! Well …. it’s another cloudy rainy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We haven’t seen any sun now for two or three days. Today won’t be much better with the rain staying with us for most of the day. Tomorrow though we should see lots of sunshine if my prediction is on course. And if we are really lucky, which I think we will be, the long range forecast is looking good too with more sunshine in store for us for two weeks or so. Time will tell though, as I don’t believe anyone or any machine knows for sure what is going to happen when it comes to Mother Nature. But it’s fun playing around with it. Highway 522 is slowing down even more these days, which is a good thing. The kids are back to school in a lot of areas, so we will see how that goes in a few weeks. Takes awhile for things to start happening if they are going to happen. Myself I don’t think it is a good thing sending them back, as we do have the means nowadays to teach them just as well at home, as in the schools. I also can’t understand why some think that education is more important than a child’s life. You know, I believe with what they are learning on the Internet, and from talking to folks today, that most would make out pretty darn good without school. We older folks did okay in our day without much schooling, and are still doing quite well today. At any rate I know things change … that is my feelings on the subject. LOL On another note my wife and I have been really busy in the cottage to be these days. I almost got the bar and sink cabinet finished. I also ordered a new heater for the cottage which works quite well. It’s portable and plugs into the regular outlets. Time will tell how that goes. It should be okay as I have it insulated really well, with new windows and an insulated steel door with a window in it too. We do have to start bringing in firewood for winter soon, so that is on our minds. With it being so wet I think we will wait for a week then get at it. I am not going to put in as much as I usually do this year, as I am planning on burning a bit more oil. Hmm …. I guess I am getting a bit lazier LOL in my old age. We will see how that goes. With that … I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and do some chatting. You know … we have been together now for close to 50 years now, and we never get tired of chatting with each other. And on top of all that … our chats are interesting. LOL. Take care my friends, stay safe and be vigilant more than ever now with this virus. It’s very patient and very deadly for some.

Fishing Times:

Major Times
8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Minor Times
3:00 PM-5:00 PM

Today my old weather stick is saying that fishing won’t be very good once again. I give it a 2-Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few. With this rain and things I feel it’s best to stay home. But hey … you do what you have to do. LOL Temperatures this morning were sitting at 15.5 C | 59.9 F. It won’t warm up much more than that. The winds are light coming in from the South West. Good Luck and Stay Safe. With this weather things can get slippery in the boat and on them rocks.

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