Morning Slice of life Oct 15/2020

Good Morning! It’s a rainy day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. It has warmed up a wee bit, with temperatures sitting this morning at 57F/14C. It will remain there for most the day. We should see some sunshine a bit later on and into tomorrow, but then back into rain. The long range for the whole of winter, with what I see within Nature we will be having not so cold temperatures, and if the pattern holds we will see a lot of snow. So …. it might pay to get the snowblower or ? Ready to go! I think mine is okay, other than waking it up after it’s summer’s rest? Lazy old thing. But it does fulfill its duty when the time comes. LOL Highway 522 is fairly busy these days with campers, trucks and things moving into the area for this year’s hunt. A lot of new folks are also moving into the area, as I see lots of U Hauls going up and down the highway. But then again, every home within a decent price range that comes up for sale has been sold within weeks. Reason being a lot of folks now realize, that the cities aren’t the place to be. Hmm, I have been saying that for years. On another note my wife and I went to town yesterday and picked up our groceries we apply for online. Then we go in and when we are at the store we call them, and they bring it out to us. We have a couple we go to. Can’t beat that, and we aren’t subjected to the virus if it is around the immediate area. We feel better doing it this way. There are two new cases now in North Bay, with them saying they got it from the community while out shopping. So that tells me there is more out there. It will get a lot worse, before it gets better. But … we did have a good time while there as it feels good to get out and about and breathe some new air. Not good to stay cooped up at home all the time. There will be enough time we have to do that in the coming weeks, once the snow and cold makes it’s way into the area. I am not looking forward to it for most parts. If it stays mild it won’t be so bad, other than pushing snow. LOL While in town we saw our youngest boy Karl in the parking lot of his apartment, from a distance for a bit, then had our lunch my wife packed for us in a nice spot where we could watch people. They call it being … nosy! LOL We then poured ourselves a nice coffee from the thermos we brought with us, and headed on home taking in what is left of the leaves. I have to say they still are quite nice and made our trip just that much nicer. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and a toasted pea meal bacon sandwich. I enjoy that from time to time. Take care, stay safe and do what’s right for you. It is getting worse out there. Oh! It might pay to stock up a wee bit with some canned goods, not that I think there will be a shortage, but if we get the snow I am thinking this winter it will be nice to have extra in the house to feed off of. Have a great day. It’s all how you make it. GW

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