Morning slice of life Oct 16/2020

Good Morning! Well …. to start things off it is a bit cool this morning with temperatures sitting at -1C/30F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. But it will feel cool. Great day for doing some outside work that takes some energy. LOL Highway 522 is still quite busy caused by hunting season. Today I will work away on cleaning up some leaves. I like to mulch them and lay them on top of my vegetable garden and come spring work them in. Makes for some great compost and doesn’t cost me a cent. LOL We also have to clean the eve troughs out and if I have enough left in me I will take a tree down that fell with the wind we had the night before last. It is kind of hung up on another so, that should be interesting. After that I am thinking a rest will be in order for the remainder of the day. With that take care, and I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and bowl of cereal, oatmeal.

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