This Morning’s Slice of life Oct 19/2020

Good Morning! Cool morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. It did go down quite cool last night, and we had ice in the bird bath. So it looks like winter is edging closer. Still no snow yet though. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 1.9 C | 35.42 F. It will warm up a few degrees as the day progresses. Yesterday our power was off all morning. I decided to hook up my generator we have, which took care of things till it came back on. The good part is that the generator got a good work out, which is needed now and then. Today I have some outside work to do which will keep me busy for most the day. After that I will take it a bit easy as my old back has been talking back to me these days. They say now, the scientists … that weather affecting ones back and joints is a myth. LOL Well let me tell ya. What they are saying is a myth … as my back says different. It happens every fall and lasts for a couple of months till things gets back to a partial normal. LOL Once summer arrives with the warm weather I start to feel a lot better body wise. On another note Highway 522 is slowing down, as most of the hunters are already here and set up in the bush somewhere. Here again … I will leave that kind of thing to the young. I can’t see myself sitting out in the bush at my age, where it is cold and wet for any length of time anymore. LOL With that I am off for a boiled egg with some bacon this morning, that my lovely wife is making for me. She is one great cook. Along with good lookin’! LOL. Take care and stay safe. Things are getting a lot worse out there, with this virus. GW

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