Morning Chat Oct 31/2020

It’s a cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Temperatures waking up were sitting at -8.1 C | 17.42 F. It’s the coldest morning so far. But in saying that it will warm up a lot by the middle of the week. I might even be able to wash my car … and if real lucky, maybe put on a coat of wax for winter. That would be nice. We should see lots of sunshine today which will make things nicer. It seems … no matter what the day is, if it is sunny, things roll along a lot better. We also had a very heavy frost last night and everything from the top of the trees, down to the grass is white. But it will melt off now the sun is showing itself. Looks nice though. Highway 522 has been quite busy these days with more hunters coming into our area. The bush must be full! The good news for the deer is, that once that first shot is fired they go into hiding, knowing perfectly well what time of year it is. LOL As I said in other posts, I don’t hunt anymore. I haven’t got the gumption to sit out in the cold wet damp weather anymore. My warm house is more enticing these days. LOL Yesterday I got tied up on some things in our basement, so that is the reason for not doing my morning post. Today I am working on my website or blog, both the same. Making it so my wife can show off her paintings and things she has done over the years. Make sure you take a look when you find time. She is real talented artist. After that, I will then get to work on some new Podcasts. I would like to get another 100 done this winter. That’s my goal for now. Once finished … I will have 200 out there for folks to listen to. Kind of nice. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife, and I am thinking a poached egg on toast would be nice. I’ll talk real nice to my wife and see what she says. LOL Take care, stay safe, and do what’s right. Things are still very bad out there. Oh! And Happy Halloween! GW

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