Morning Chat Dec 7/2020

Good Morning! It’s another cloudy day starting things off here in Port Loring, Ontario Canada. We did have some sunshine later on in the day yesterday, and I suspect it will be about the same today. It is cold outside with the temperature sitting at -8.5 C | 16.7 F. It should warm up a wee bit as the day moves forward. Not much though, but if we do get some sunshine it will make it feel a lot nicer than it is. LOL. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning for most parts. There are some icy sections here and there … most, as I keep on saying going around the curves. You would think that would be the place they salt the most. LOL On another note my lovely wife put up some decorations outside and inside for Christmas. I have to say they do look nice, and they do get you in the spirit of Christmas. You know … I have been hearing a lot of folks saying that Christmas won’t be Christmas this year with this virus. Yes … that will be true for all those that have lost family members and friends. But Christmas in itself hasn’t changed. Not one bit. We all have exactly what we had last year, other than maybe doing a bit of shopping in the malls and visiting a wee bit. For my wife and I, even though we can’t see our boys, we are not going to let it get us down, not by a long shot. We will still have our Christmas tree, turkey dinner with all the trimmings and to top things off, we will be all watching our favourite movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. My wife and I along with our boys have been watching that movie every Christmas since it came out. Kind of a tradition around here. It will however be a touch different this year though as we can’t be together totally. So what we will be doing is using our laptop along with the phone … setting them up, so we can all be chatting together watching the movie at the same time. Everything will be the same but different. My old Dad always told me when something isn’t right, make it right. That is what that thing is on your shoulders is for. LOL I miss that old feller. At any rate that is what we are going to do. Every day is what you make it. If you let this virus get the better of you … it will. My family and I choose not to let that happen. Where there is a will there is a way of doing things, no matter what. With that, I am off for my cup of tea with my lovely wife and will then see what our day has to offer. As I always say every day is like a mystery novel. You just never know what the ending will be. “Stay safe, protect each other, love each other… but don’t get together this Christmas,”

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