Morning Chat Jan 6/2021

Good Morning!. It’s a nice looking day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. There are a lot of clouds but the temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -2.2 C | 28.04 F. Not to shabby for this time of year. It will get a touch cooler as the week progresses, but still well above normal. We have around ten inches of snow on the ground at this time. Highway 522 this morning is bare, dry and quiet with folks staying home as they should be doing. If folks here in Ontario had done that from the very beginning we would have had a lot less cases along with a lot less deaths. No one to blame but people themselves. I am beginning to think that around 50 % of our population here in Canada isn’t using that thing on their shoulders these days. And for the life of me … I can’t see why, as how much more evidence do they need proving that this virus is deadly and a lot deadlier than all the other diseases put together. You know these so-called people that say well … we have more people dying from heart disease or other diseases. What a stupid statement, as truth to be told these other diseases aren’t being spread like the virus is. And a lot of these other diseases are self-made and could be fixed with a better lifestyle. At any rate such is that. That is my slice of life for today LOL Take it for what it is worth. Stay safe and do what’s right.

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