Morning Chat Jan 9/2021

Good Morning! We are having a touch of sunshine this morning, but it is cold. The temperature getting out of the sack was sitting at -16 C | 3.2 F. It will warm up a bit but not much. This is the kind of weather where your firewood starts to pay for itself. The other alternatives to wood heat, are still too high in price to talk about. LOL Looking out Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning. It also has been quite quiet, not much traffic … as, well, simply put, with the stores being closed down no one has any place to go. Which I believe is a good thing with this virus now well over the 4000 mark a day here in Ontario alone. But as I say there is no one to blame, than the people themselves. The old saying is … give certain folks enough rope they eventually hang themselves. The trouble with that saying in this instance, is that they take a lot of others with them that shouldn’t be taken. Such is that. On another note I have been busy in the woodworking shop these days working on projects for spring. Not for our store mind ya, as opening that would be inviting this virus to our door. The things I am working on is for us and our new cottage. The thing I like about it, is that it keeps my mind focused on what is important in life. With that bit of info under your hat I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife and a bowl of oatmeal. After that I will see what the day has in store, other than what I have planned. You just never know. Take care, and do what’s right.

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