Morning Chat Feb 5/2021

Good Morning! Well the sun has left us for a couple of days. The temperature though has risen quite a bit, sitting at -0.5 C | 31.1 F at the time of this post. It will remain warm for the next couple of days. But on the downside of things we are having some snow. Overnight we had around 6 inches, and it is still coming down. We can expect some snow squalls likely beginning this afternoon through Saturday morning. With another 8 inches or so. Winter isn’t over yet. Knowing that I suspect that I will be in need of my snowblower in a couple of days to clean things up. Highway 522 is snow covered this morning and my view on things everyone should stay home. Travelling anywhere isn’t going to be good. On another note I didn’t do too much yesterday other than clean my wood furnace chimney pipes and chimney. The nice thing is … I invested in a bendable brush affair, that I can bend into a 45-degree angle and clean my chimney from my basement. No more need of going up on the roof. Which will make things a lot safer. Especially in this kind of weather. The brush and extensions work great. Not the cheapest, but not so bad, with a price of around $200.00. Price you pay to keep one safe. Some of these modern technologies are pretty good. I feel if I can afford them why not take advantage of them especially if it makes our life easier. After we cleaned the chimney, being so nice, warm and sunny outside I brought out our lawn chairs and my lovely wife and I sat outside for an hour or so. Sure felt good. Not bad for the beginning of February. Today though is a different story. LOL With that I am off for a bowl of Porridge. After that I think I will work on another Podcast. Been awhile since I made one up. Take care and stay safe.

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