Morning Chat Feb. 7/2021

Good Morning! I hope every one is well. The temperature is a touch cool here in Port Loring, Ontario this morning, sitting at -11.7 C | 10.94 F. Things won’t warm up much. Highway 522 is snow covered and will remain that way for a day or so. We might if lucky see a wee bit of sunshine this morning but for most parts the clouds will remain with us today, tomorrow and into Tuesday. With a few light flurries thrown in for good measure. We had another 3 or 4 inches last night bringing our total for the past two days up to around a foot and a half, more in certain areas. So there is lots of snow on the ground that is for certain. I have noticed a few snowmobiles out there mostly locals which is a good thing in part. Staying home or doing things around your home keeps the risk down of someone spreading this virus. And with this new strain you can get it within a minute, sometimes even with a mask on, if both parties aren’t wearing one. So be careful. Yesterday was a full day cleaning up the snow around our place as you can see with the pictures I posted yesterday. Today my lovely wife and I will clean up our neighbours deck, car and things. She is getting up there in years and hey! Isn’t that what good neighbours are for. Helping those that need help. Been that way all our lives for my wife and I. After that I suspect we will be in need of a bit more rest so will take it easy. With that take care and stay safe.

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