Morning Chat Feb 8/2021

Good Morning!! It’s a very cold morning here in Port Loring Ontario. The temperature waking up was sitting at -23.1 C | -9.58 F. It was kind of crunchy, walking to the woodworking shop this morning to put some wood in the stove. While out there I fed our birds at the feeder. Some of them little chickadees, land right on my hand now when I go to feed them. I guess it’s their way of saying thanks. Kind of nice. One thing my lovely wife and I enjoy is watching the birds at the feeder all winter long. I have it set up, so we can see it from our two leather lazy boy chairs, my desk where I write at, and the kitchen table. With weather like this so cold, and so much snow, I know they are having their work cut out for them trying to get a meal. So … I help them out a wee bit. Highway 522 is snow covered, with lots of icy sections throughout this morning, which is understandable with the weather we have been having for the past few days. I took a picture of exactly how much snow we have at the back of our house yesterday, and will add it to the bottom of this post. It will give you an idea of just how much snow we do have in our area. There is more in certain areas, but where I took the reading is out in the open, so it should be pretty accurate. Yesterday my wife and I cleaned up the snow on our decks and around the house here, along with the ladies next door. I have to tell you both of us were all in when all said and done. We slept good. LOL I am glad we did get it finished with the cold that is upon us now. It would be quite nasty if we would have to be out there today. But it’s done, and for the next few days we will stay in where it’s warm. I lit the wood furnace in our home here, so we will be nice and toasty. The wood furnace we have does a great job, with little cost. What could be better than that. With that I am off for some cranberry pancakes my wife is making for us, and will then get to working on a podcast I have on the go. Take care and stay safe, this virus isn’t getting any better and I suspect it will get a lot worse with the kids going back to school, and some places of business opening back up. Huge mistake our government is making especially … right now. Such is life.

Snow Depth in Port Loring Ontario Feb. 8/2021

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