Morning Chat Feb. 11/2021

Good morning! It’s a cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning though, which makes it feel somewhat nicer outside. The temperature at the time of this post … 8:47 PM was sitting at -18.3 C | -0.94 F. It will remain sunny with a few clouds for the next few days. But it will get a lot colder too. So … it might pay to put an extra blanket on your bed for the next couple of days. It’s not necessary for our home with this new wood furnace we installed a few years ago, as if anything we have to keep the door open that leads to our back porch which keeps it cooled down somewhat. LOL. Nice to be able to do that. Lets in some much-needed fresh air too. While on the topic of fresh air in the home: I believe that all these new airtight windows that they are putting in the homes today aren’t the best. Oh, they might save a few dollars with the heating bill, but they sure don’t do anything for your health. We were going to install new windows, throughout the whole house, but decided against it. And I am glad we did, as now our house isn’t 100% airtight, which means at any given time we are getting fresh air. Which is what the body needs to stay healthy. Truth be told I believe that these older windows are a lot better than the new ones of today. Better glass too. Add a bit of fresh air in your home, hang a few nice plants from the ceiling, and put some on the windowsills, and you’re all set. The plants thrive and so do you. A home that is too airtight isn’t good. Highway 522 is partially snow and ice covered this morning throughout. But having no snow in the forecast travelling should be fair, but care should be taken. But in saying that, you shouldn’t be going anywhere, unless it is absolutely necessary. This lock down is slowing the spread down a lot and if we keep on doing what we are doing it will save a lot of lives. But you all know that right? With that I am off for my morning bowl of porridge and will then get to work on a podcast I have just about finished. Take care and stay safe and have a great day. Make it a great day. No one can do that but you.

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