Morning Chat April 12/2021

Good Morning! We are starting things off here in Port Loring with a lot of clouds along with some intermittent showers this morning. The rain will stay with us today and into tomorrow. If we are lucky, we might see a wee bit of sunshine on Wednesday. This time of the year no one, even the so-called experts can really forecast exactly what the weather will be. The only one that knows for sure is Mother Nature, and she even is having problems these days. LOL The snow is all but gone now, and the grass is greening up nicely. It won’t be long, and we will be mowing. Not that I really want to get into that yet, as we have a lot of other things to do first. The trees are starting to come out in bud too, and our White Lilac Bush is really starting to show off. It won’t be long and my lovely wife will have some for her table every day. Which will be nice for sure. My vegetable garden is drying out, or should say, was drying out. Once it is dry enough, I will get busy and till it up, so it can dry even more, so it will be ready for planting, which isn’t that far off. I sure enjoy fresh vegetables for our table every day. Especially a nice fresh toasted tomato sandwich. Yesterday my wife and I finished watching the Masters Golf Tournament. Well … I did, she worked all day doing the wash, then hanging them on the line, and then folding and putting away. After that, she made a nice meat loaf supper with mashed potatoes and butter, along with fresh asparagus. Can’t beat that for a nice meal. She is a worker for sure, never stops that woman. Today I have some work to do in our cottage to be, since it is raining outside, and after breakfast will get at that. Take care and stay safe as Ontario reported a record 4,456 cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. And a lot of them were the new variants which are now picking on the younger folks. Not good.

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