Morning Chat June 20/21

Good Morning, and Happy Father’s Day to all those Fathers out there. It’s a great looking day weather wise here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning with just a few clouds floating by in the sky. Along with that, the temperature is actually quite nice, sitting at 16.3 C | 61.34 F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. Tomorrow though is another story, as rain and colder weather is going to enter into the picture. And on Tuesday it will be a touch cold, comparing it to the weather we have been having. After Tuesday, though, things are looking pretty darn good weather wise. Not to hot, not to cold. Highway 522 is busy these days with campers, trucks, you name it moving into our area for the summer. I can’t say I blame them, especially those living in the cities. But in saying that, I hope they are taking the necessary precautions in preventing this virus from spreading. The vaccine helps, but it isn’t the all round cure, as even with two doses a person could get really sick. But it’s the best defence we have at the moment in staying alive or from getting deathly sick. On another note, our vegetable gardens are growing leaps and bounds these days. I even got some blossoms on my tomatoes. In a month or so we should be having a few for our table. I can’t wait. I did get my hoe out yesterday and cleaned some weeds up. My lovely wife and I have been really busy these days. We almost finished up our shower house. The wife still has a few things she wants to do inside, making it look extra nice. She is a great designer and over the years has designed a lot of homes, inside and out. Talking about my little woman, she has been really busy too with orders coming in from all over for her signs and paintings. Signs and paintings of all kinds. If someone has an idea, she brings it to life. She is an amazing artist to say the least. We also have been taking down a lot of old dead pines on our property, which opened things up, and I have to say it is looking pretty darn nice around here. With the lawn mowed and gardens worked up and cared for, it is almost as if we live in a well cared for park. It’s a pleasure to sit outside and take it all in. Today I am going to take it a bit easy and rest a bit. With all the work we have been doing, my old body is feeling a bit tired, and later on I will enjoy a nice turkey dinner that my lovely wife is going to make for me for Father’s Day. Can’t beat that. So … with that bit of info under your hat, if you wear a hat that is, I am off for my morning bowl of cereal. Take care and stay safe. GW

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