Morning Chat, July 4/2021

Good Morning! The sun is shinning and the temperature waking up was sitting at 16.4 C | 61.52 F. It will warm up a bit more as the day progresses. No one should have any complaints with the weather in our area at the moment. You could say it’s weather you can almost do anything in. Highway 522 is still very busy with folks moving around from all over. I am not sure where they are all going, or doing, as we only have two stores and a LCBO here in town. Oh, and three restaurants, LOL. But they seem to find places to go to. LOL I suspect most are sight see’rs taking in what we and Nature has to offer. Which is a lot if you really think about it. At least on the Nature end of things. Yesterday we had a busy day. Orders are coming in from all over for my wife’s paintings. She is lining them up to do some now, some later on this winter, when she has more time. For myself, I hooked up a hot water heater for our cottage and installed an air conditioner It was a job, but it is sure nice now and will be a great asset to what’s to come. Once I had that finished, I managed to finish up our new swing set and will add a picture at the end of this post. It turned out really nice, and today we will do some swing settin” LOL I am also planning on adding a new deck to our cottage, so I might get busy working on that. I have to move some plants first which resides around the cottage. I am thinking it will be a good week’s work, that is if the weather and body allows. So with that I am off for some homemade pancakes my lovely wife is making, and I will get to work. Work I enjoy doing, that is. Take care and stay safe.

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    1. Hi Bernice. I do sell them, but I only make them in the winter months as they take a lot of time. The problem at the moment is the lumber, as things cost a lot. Two years ago, I could make one for half the price of what it cost me now to make them. But I am thinking the price of lumber and things will come down in the coming months. Let’s hope so. LOL Thanks for letting me know you like it. Means a lot. Take care and stay safe. GW

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