Morning Chat July 7/2021

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy, wet morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. The rain will remain with us for most of the day, tonight and into tomorrow. So I guess my deck building will be put on hold for a day or so. We did however get a lot done yesterday, which is nice. Now though, since we have gone this far, my lovely wife says we should continue on with a wrap around deck instead of just one on the front of the cottage. LOL So giving it some thought, I decided she was right, and we might as well get it all done this year and out of the way. It will be an extra expense, but it will make it real nice for family and friends when they come to stay or visit. Highway 522 is still very busy these days with folks moving around our small community. The rain will slow them down a bit today. Since it is raining, I will do some inside work, after I have some bacon and eggs that my lovely wife is making me. With that, take care and stay safe and have a great day. GW

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