Morning Chat July 8/2021

Good Morning! So how you all doing? Good I hope. You know, I have found that no matter how a person’s day is, there is always something good in it. Be it rain, pain, anguish, sadness or … what ever. The trick is to find the good parts. For me, just getting out of bed is a great start in my search. LOL And at night I like to look back over my day and see if I missed anything. Usually I find I have done quite well. Anyway … I got carried away there this morning. LOL. Highway 522 is quiet today, but it will pick up as soon as our sun is back out showing off. But I don’t think we will see too much of it today. Tomorrow, though, things start to change for the better, weather wise. The temperature waking up was actually a touch cool, sitting at 10.8 C | 51.44 F. It will warm up a wee bit later on, but not much. We also had some rain through the night, and it will continue on and off for most of the day. Yesterday started off with rain, much like today. I was just about to give up working outside, when I said … “You could stop raining now, as I would sure like to get some work done on the deck I am building around our small cottage.” You know … it did, and my lovely wife and I got a lot done. We even had a few glimpses of the sun. You know, over the years, even when we lived on the farm. No matter what I had planned outside, when I asked the weather, to cooperate, it did. It’s been that way all my life. Coincidence? Hard to believe that. Maybe it’s because the weather and I work together and understand each other. What ever the reason, things have always worked out. Today though we have mowing to do, but it is raining quite hard, so, I don’t think we will get to doing that. But you never know. I haven’t put in my request yet this morning. LOL LOL With that. You all take care and stay safe. GW

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