Morning Chat, July 16/2021

Good Morning! Well, we are finally having some sunshine here this morning in Port Loring, Ontario. Over the past few days, we have had our share of rain. But it was needed, for sure. Highway 522 is very busy these days with campers moving in and around our area from all over. Is it a good thing? Time will tell. Let’s hope so. One good thing is that them pesky blood sucking parasites haven’t been all that bad lately. Mosquitoes are somewhat annoying in the evening hours, or in the shady areas. On another note, I have pretty well got our new wrap around deck finished which we are adding to our cottage. I am now in the process of adding a new facer board on the cottage and will then get to staining things. My lovely wife picked out a nice grey stain. Should be nice when all said and done. On another note, we decided since it was a rainy day to go to North Bay and pick up our groceries yesterday, which we ordered online. The stores were packed with people going about their duties as if nothing was or is wrong. The numbers though has dropped dramatically with the vaccines that has been administered over the past couple months. While in town, my wife and I had our second shot of the Pfizer vaccine, so we are fully vaccinated now. Our arms are a wee bit sore as if someone punched us, but other than that we are both fine. No other issues to speak of. So we will now see how that works out. I hope almost everyone eventually sees that it is the thing to do. The only way this virus can carry on and get stronger is inside people without the vaccine. At any rate, what will be, will be. Today my wife and I should take a break, but we have mowing to do as the grass is getting a touch long. We will work slowly at that in a bit. My wife’s leg and back is still hurting her a lot. Hard to keep her down. With that bit of info under your hat, I am off for my breakfast and will then see what the day has in store. You just never know. GW

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