Morning Chat July 30/2021

Good Morning! So how you all doing? Good I hope. Ruth and I are fine, very busy but healthy. Other than my lovely wife having a sore leg. We have chalked it up to all the work she has been doing for the past three months or so. Lots of bending and lifting. It seems these days that our minds say, heck ya, go for it. Then our bodies say. Ain’t happening!! LOL, At any rate, we do know we have to ease off some, that’s for sure. On another note, we did have a whopper of a thunderstorm last night with lots of lightning. It rained so hard, our eve-troughs on the house couldn’t take it away fast enough. The good news was that it didn’t last all that long, and I got my rain barrels filled back up with some nice soft water; which we use for our vegetables and plants. Highway 522 and others are very busy these days with campers and travellers coming into our area from all over. Good in part, I suppose. Yesterday, my lovely wife and I went to town to pick up a few things. Shoes were on the top of the list, as my work shoes were so worn out I was gluing my soles down with silicone. Worked for a while. I also picked up a new Husqvarna Walk Behind Lawn Mower for my wife, as the other one we had was front-wheel drive. With it being front-wheel drive, the weight is on the front, and you almost had to lift it to get it to move going up hills. Which, in turn, was very hard on her. For flat surface’s they are fine. I will probably sell it for half price, $200.00 as it is only two years old and looks and runs good. I will see how that goes. Today is mowing day, so I will give the new one we bought a work-out. After that, I will do some painting on the posts that we have for our deck on our cottage. We didn’t like the colour we painted them a few days ago. With that, take care and stay safe. This virus is still with us and getting stronger in a lot of instances. Especially amongst the folks that isn’t vaccinated or doesn’t want to be vaccinated. I feel for them … as it will eventually get them, and the results won’t be nice, that’s for sure. GW

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