Morning Chat Aug 10/2021

Good Morning!. It’s a cloudy morning here waking up in Port Loring Ontario, Canada. We could see some rain as the day progresses. Maybe even a thunderstorm thrown in for good measure. I have to admit, we have had our share of warm weather this summer so far. The good news is that we also have had a lot of rain. Highway 522 is still busy these days, and I suspect it will get even busier now that Canada has opened its borders, letting people in from all over. My opinion is we should have kept things closed up for a while longer. At least till we have more vaccinated. But hey! I am told our Governments know what’s best. LOL On another note with all this heat and rain the fishing hasn’t been the greatest this year. But I am thinking it will change in the coming days. For the better, that is. My wife and I are still very busy these days. My wife has orders lined up for her paintings, along with a lot of custom orders. Myself, I am still busy working outside on some projects that needs to be done for winter. Yesterday, my wife took some time off from her paintings and helped me fix our chimney up on the roof that needed a paint job. I then cleaned it out good, so it is now ready for the cold weather. Which I hope doesn’t come too soon. After that we cleaned out our eve troughs and when that was done with the heat yesterday … we both were pooped out. We called it a day. Today I am going to weed our veggie garden a bit and then do some work inside our shower house that we built earlier in the year. With that I am off for a bowl of oatmeal with my lovely wife and will then get to work. That is, if it doesn’t rain. You just never know what can take place in one day. Take care and stay safe. GW

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