Morning Chat

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. It isn’t that cold though, with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 13.1 C | 55.58 F. It will get a bit warmer as the day moves forward. And we should see some sunshine later on this morning and into this afternoon. Highway 522 is slow these days, which is a good thing. As I enjoy the quietness. In the summer months in our area it is becoming quite noisy with all the cars, trucks, motorcycles, you name it running up and down the highway. Used to be so quiet you could listen to the birds in our trees around our home, but not any more. Progress they say. Well … if that is what some consider progress, I don’t want it, or agree with them. And hey, I am entitled to my opinion, aren’t I? LOL. On another note, my lovely wife and I decided to head on into North Bay yesterday to pick up a few groceries and things for winter. We have always planned ahead my wife and I, just in case the weather gets bad, and we can’t get to town, or things happen, we are safe, fed and warm. I have done that all my life. There were a lot of people in the stores yesterday, but most kept their distance and wore their masks. Which is a good thing. We didn’t go into any stores we didn’t have to. After we picked up our things we backed the car up under a shade tree in a parking lot, if you could call it a shade tree and ate our lunch, that my lovely wife made for us before we left, along with a nice cup of coffee. What could be better than that? Not much in our eyes. We enjoy doing that, we chat, enjoy each other’s company and take in what the city life has to offer. Which truth be told other than the groceries and things we need … not much. We are happy to pick up our things we are in need of, but we are also happy to be on our way home. With that I am off for hot cross bun that my wife made the other day and will then see what the day has in store. Take care and stay safe. GW

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