What’s happening? November 24/2021

Good Morning! Once again, we are in the midst of a bit of sunshine. It is cool, with the temperature getting of bed sitting at -0.4 C | 31.28 F. It will warm up a touch as the day moves forward. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, which will make travelling good. On another note, we have been lighting our wood furnace now for the past week or so. I haven’t had to put in any large pieces yet as it hasn’t been overly cold. But after tomorrow that will change as there is some frigid weather heading our way. I have to admit, the heat it gives off sure feels good. My arthritis loves it. You could say right now it’s a two stick fire that is needed to keep warm. LOL Yesterday I worked here on my computer as I have been having some problems with Google, relating to my Podcast on the Google Home Speaker. But I think with my Son’s help we have it figured out. Difficulties arise as even Google doesn’t know how to fix something’s. I am glad I have a son that is able to go above them and figure things out. Today I will work on a story or two I have in mind. With that, take care and stay safe. Don’t forget to wear your mask, and wash your hands, as it is the best defence we have from catching this virus, or other things like colds and flues. The vaccines help immensely, but even with them, we that are vaccinated can still catch it, hopefully not as bad. I am pretty sure we will have to deal with this virus for a long time, until science comes up with other ways of dealing with these things. We humans are in … an in between state at the moment. It’s called evolution. Anyway, have a great day. GW

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