Seniors Mistreated

As one feller said: There was a time that you would see seniors walk into long-term care with their suitcase and a smile.
“That’s no longer the case,” “These aren’t homes for the aged. They’re warehouses they put them in.”
“We were promised significant change by our powers that be and instead, we’re getting another 30 years, unless we stop it, of for-profit licenses paid for by public money.” And it should also be noted that our powers to be has been awarding tens of thousands of long-term care beds to for-profit operators, among them those with the most horrific records during the pandemic.
It’s a damn shame how a country like Canada treats its seniors. Myself, being a senior, I sometime get the feeling that certain powers that be, want to eliminate us older folks. And I have occasionally heard a few folks whispering, thinking … I don’t hear them saying. Damn Seniors, we would all be better off without them. Myself I have strong shoulders, but for some saying things like that it really hurts. Anyway, … we have to start looking after our old and do it quickly. And for these young bucks out there all full of pi…. and vinegar. I say this, if it wasn’t for us older folks you wouldn’t be here where you are today, in your nice cushy homes without us. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

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