What’s happening? December 4/2021

Good Morning!! We all woke up to a snow covered day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Overnight, I would say we had around 4 inches of very light snow. Sure looks pretty out there. Highway 522 for most parts is wet, but there are a few icy snow covered sections here and there, so care should be taken. If you are in need of anything, this morning would be the time to get it; as Sunday afternoon through Monday evening we will be getting a lot more of the white stuff. Could see up to 12 inches / 35 cm. Kind of depends on which way the storm tracks. Snow is one thing, but with the high winds that will come along with the snow, things could be a bit dicey, if you’re out on the highway. Winds could reach up to 70 km/h/40 mph. Again, it all depends on which way the storm tracks. But if there is any snow to be found, it seems Port Loring gets it. Least so far over the past 20 years that I have lived here. Yesterday I worked on a few things here at my computer, and today I will work on a story or two for my columns in newspapers I write for. So with that I am off for some pancakes this morning with my lovely wife, but first I have to put some more wood in my old woodworking shop stove. It’s nice and cozy in there at the moment. Take care and stay safe. The numbers here in Ontario are rising with this new variant they call Omicron. I often wonder who comes up with these names. You would think they would come up with one that is easy to pronounce. Anyway, let’s hope the vaccines protects those that have had the vaccine. I think it will, especially the Pfizer. But I also suspect the Moderna will work well too. Time will tell.

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