What’s happening? Dec 8/2021

Good Morning!. It’s a cloudy cold morning here in Port Loring Ontario, Canada. The temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -15.9 C | 3.38 F. It won’t warm up much more than it is today. We also had around 8 inches of snow yesterday. Highway 522 is snow covered, so care should be taken if out and about. All that said, things will warm up above the freezing mark starting tomorrow and remain above the freezing mark for 7 or 8 days. So … I would suspect that most of our snow will be gone within a few days. But then again, Mother Nature does what it wants. I have to admit, it sure looks pretty out there with all the snow on the trees and things. Along with that, it is nice and quiet, which I like a lot. Yesterday I worked away here on my computer finishing up my Podcasts for Christmas. Tomorrow will be the first of a two part story. Then next Friday it will continue. It was a bit long, so I broke it up some. The first one is called Women of Yesteryear and the second is called Men of Yesteryear. True story about a couple that worked their farm many years ago. Then the following week on the 24th is my Christmas show. So, lots to keep you entertained over Christmas. On another note, we had some unexpected visitors at our bird feeder for the past few mornings. I took a picture or two, which I added to the bottom of this post. They were entertaining to say the least. With that, have a great day and stay safe. No one really knows what this new variant is going to do. Best to take extra precautions.

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