What’s happening? December 20/2021

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We haven’t had any snow for the past few days and the winds have died down. We have been without power for two and a half days. But things are back to normal now, which is a good thing with Christmas closing in on us. I am very happy that we fixed our house with a generator hook up years ago, as other than bringing out the generator, and flicking the switch, nothing much changed. Well, we did burn a few gallons of gasoline. LOL The past few days I have been working away in the house here on my computer, as my wood working shop was too dark to do much. I did keep the home fires going and helped our neighbour with her getting up in age. The thing that gets me is, that there aren’t many folks out there today that want to help us old seniors, and we have to fend for ourselves. No one calls, or even drops by to make sure you are okay. OH, one or two does like my wife and I, but that is about it. The only thing us older folks have going for us, is that a lot of us have gone through a lot of hard times through our life, and we usually can take care of ourselves, hardly ever asking for anything. But it would be nice to get a hello occasionally, when times are rough. LOL, Crazy world we live in these days. It isn’t like it used to be years ago, as almost everyone back then helped everyone. Most today grumble and complain wanting this and wanting that, never taking precautions or putting things away for a rainy day, relying on handouts from where ever they can get it. The one thing my lovely wife and I have done all through our life is making sure we have back-ups for most everything. In doing so, it has saved us many a time. Anyway, that is my rant for the day. Highway 522 is bare and dry so far this morning, so travelling should be good, for those having to go and pick up a few things for Christmas, but we could see an inch or so of snow as the day progresses. With that, I am off for a boiled egg this morning and a piece of Peameal bacon along with a slice of toast. Take care. This virus is getting out of hand at the moment. And don’t forget that you can get your booster shot as of today for almost anyone. We have our Pfizer booster shot booked and will get that done in a day or so. Again, stay safe, keep your distance, wash your hands vigilantly, and wear a good three layer mask.

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