WHat’s Happening? January 2/2022

Good Morning. Well …. it’s a cold morning here in Port Loring Ontario for a change. The temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -16.9 C | 1.58 F. It won’t warm up much more today. Highway 522 is bare and dry for most parts, but there are a few icy spots that could pose a problem if out and about, and you’re not being careful. Talking about the highway, I haven’t seen that many deer this year alongside the road, but that will change once things settle down a bit weather wise. We didn’t have any snow overnight, too cold. But we could see some snow mid-week as things will warm up a bit more than it is now. On another note, I lit my old woodworking shop stove this morning. I have a bunch of projects lined up to do and would like to get at them in the coming days. It takes a day or so to get everything warm in there. Reason being, there is a lot of steel, which takes time to warm. But once it gets warm, it holds the heat, and you don’t need much of a fire to keep things warm. I also have the wood furnace going here in the house, which is sure nice. Coming in from the cold, there is nothing better than wood heat to take the cold out of my old bones. Seems every year the cold gets to me a bit more. Sign of what’s to come, I suspect. Oh well, the best thing is to live each day for what it is, and not worry about what might happen tomorrow. With that, I am off for a boiled egg along with a half a bagel this morning, that my lovely wife is making me. I feel kind of hungry. Take care, this virus is sure ravaging us humans here in Ontario these days. Well over 17000 yesterday and 12 deaths. Closing in on a 100 a week, dying from it.

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