What’s Happening/ January 19/2022

How you all doing this morning? Good I hope. We didn’t get the snow that they said we would get overnight, but we did get around 6 inches. We could see a wee bit throughout the day, but I don’t suspect it will amount to much. Maybe another inch. Highway 522 is snow covered in a lot of areas, so care will have to be taken if out and about. The snow we did have is wet and heavy, so … us older folks should be careful when trying to move it. It’s the kind of snow that messes up our old backs. The good news is it is mild outside, with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 0.5 C | 32.9 F. Seeing these temperatures one would think that we are in for a January thaw, but it won’t remain warm for long, as tonight the temperature will drop substantially. So I am thinking later on when I work up enough energy I will clean out our driveway before it freezes solid. Yesterday I worked all day on a new Podcast and if things goes to plan it should be ready for Friday. All depends on how I feel. Being the age I am, you never know, LOL. I might not like what a day might bring, but, I accept it, and make the best of it. No use sitting around brewing about things, as that doesn’t help one bit. With that, I am off for a bowl of Oatmeal this morning along with a piece of toast that my lovely wife is making me. Whole Flake Oatmeal or as we called it years ago … Porridge, seems to stick to your ribs for a while, and is loaded with all kinds of good things, which gives you the energy you need to get things done. Ha Ha. Take care and stay safe. This virus these days is sure taking its toll on us humans. In Ontario alone, we are having over 20 some deaths every day. Today January 19th we had over 60 Deaths caused by the virus. And some say this virus is nothing. Makes me shake my head. GW

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