What’s Happening on January 26/2022

Good Morning. It’s a very cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Truth be told, it’s the coldest we have had it so far this winter.

Being that I had to get up through the night, I took a few readings of what the temperatures were.

-29.4 C | -20.92 F 12:30 AM
-32.4 C | -26.32 F 3:08 AM
-33.8 C | -28.84 F 5:06 AM
-34.8 C | -30.64 F 7:12 AM

And right at the moment at 8:52 AM it is sitting at -34 C | -29.2 F. I hope you had your car plugged in, or made sure your antifreeze was up to snuff. It will warm up a touch as the day moves forward. But it will take a while. Highway 522 is snow and ice covered, so care will have to be taken if out and about. We didn’t have any more snow overnight, but we could see another inch or two, starting tomorrow sometime, and into tomorrow night. Winter is here in Port Loring.

On another note, being so cold, my lovely wife and I did have to get up more often through the night to feed our wood furnace. But for most parts, one of us usually wakes up anyway. If I get up, I put the wood in … if she gets up, she does the same. Seems after all these years we have it down pat. Ha Ha.

Yesterday we worked all morning clearing snow from our driveway, decks, along with helping our neighbour. One thing is for certain … there is no need for going for walks, or buying exercise equipment to stay fit these days. Ha Ha.

So with that bit of information under your hat, I am off for some bacon and eggs this morning that my lovely wife is making me. Just felt like something different. Take care, stay fit and be safe. More people are dying every day, because of this virus. Some days we are over the 60 mark. And that is just here in Ontario. Amazes me that some still say that this virus is all a conspiracy, along with other ridiculous accusations. But it’s par for the course these days. Will it get better? Not likely. GW

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