What’s Happening January 31/2022

HI Folks. How you all doing this morning? Good I hope. It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring Ontario. The temperature has risen through the night, sitting at -12 C | 10.4 F. Not too bad for the last day of January. And it will continue to be on the warm side into tomorrow and the day after. Temperatures tomorrow and the next day will be above the freezing mark … so we should get rid of some of our snow. Highway 522 is partially snow covered with some icy sections throughout this morning. We are also seeing some light flurries, but the sunshine should break through as the day progresses. Great day for the snowmobiles.

On another note, I didn’t do all that much yesterday. I had some work to do in the basement and helped my lovely wife around the house here. Today I will get into another podcast which will keep my mind busy, which is what is needed when you get my age. With that, I am off for some pancakes that my little woman is making me, which should give me the energy needed to make it through the morning. Ha Ha. Take care. GW

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Homemade Pancakes. With a touch of syrup!!

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